Saturday, November 6, 2010


This is sad, but it made me laugh... 

Carrie... wonderful Carrie, cleans our house every other Friday. I love her. 
She helps keep this full time working momma a little bit more sane. 
Thursday nights are sometimes a bit of a scramble, trying to get things picked up enough for her to actually be able to clean. I often leave a note, asking her to ignore the laundry baskets and piles that are scattered around. She leaves me sweet notes back about how she has those same piles at her house. (Which may or may not be true, but it makes me feel better.)  

Friday after school, I noticed this on top of the entertainment center...

A little Gladware container from the kitchen... filled with all the random, miscellaneous things Carrie found scattered around our house...

Can you find:
* a dollar bill (from the tooth fairy)
* 3 ball point pens
* a tube of baby sunscreen
* a red balloon
* a Connect Four game piece
* a red marker
* a purple marker
* a yellow race car
* a penny
* a nail file
* a brown crayon
* a roll of Scotch tape
* a Nerf dart
* church nursery security card
* an orange paddle
* a Sesame Street card

And those are just the things I can see from the pictures. There is also a silver car, three Magna Doodle stamps, a guitar pick,  a barrette, a paperclip, vampire teeth, dice, a clothespin spring, a flashlight, another penny, two nickels, another ballpoint pen, a smashed/souvenir penny, an army man, a dime and a bouncy ball. 

My housekeeping skills are astounding.  

And before you feel the need to comment Mr/Ms Anonymous... I am well aware of the fact that several of those things could be a choking hazard. Many of them were on high shelves, tables, counters... out of reach from a cute baby girl. Carrie just collected them all in once place. See why I love her? 


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, if the same were done in my house there'd be dog hair balls, dust bunnies, crumbs (ok chunks), leaves that the dog is forever bringing in, at least one fuzz covered pencil and several crumpled tissues.
I'm still going to be Mrs. Anonymous, not to criticize, because I don't want people to know the "dark and dirty" side of me.

Amy said...

Oh, don't be impressed. We have those things, too. Carrie can vacuum those up, though. These are just the random things that she couldn't vacuum. :)

And I don't mind Anonymous comments that are nice. Just so you know. :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Ha! I need a Carrie!!

Utecht Family said...

I realized looking over that list that the vast majority of those items are "kid" things. What a blessing to have children delighting your home! :) I try to remind myself frequently that someday when the kids are gone, though my house will be clean again, it will also be lonely and quiet - and I'll probably miss the mess.

Jessi said...


flower power momma said...

Yeah for you and a house cleaner!!

Have to chuckle re: the comment from the Utecht Family w/the clean house.... we are empty nesters....and sad to say, dust bunnies are still friendly here. In fact dust is so friendly we've invited it to stay!

Toni :O) said...

Hilarious and I'd give anything, anything for a Carrie for this full-time working mom....sigh....

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed it all fit in a small glad container! Ha! I think my house would have a large rubbermaid tub ;).