Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I haven't scrapbooked or been crafty in a long time. 
Too long. I missed it. 
I love my blog and I love my blog books, but I love to scrapbook, too. 
I am years behind on my scrapbooking (and always will be, I'm guessing...) but I'm not ready to completely give it up. I enjoy it too much. 
At Gretchen's birthday party, we got out Sophie and Lawson's first year scrapbooks. They loved looking through them. (I did, too!) 
I got inspired. I wanted to create again. I wanted to be crafty. 
I had seen this project on another blog. It was a perfect combination of two of my favorite things: scrappy/craftiness and organization. 

So Friday night, I got together with one of my favorite "organizery" friends. (That's a word, isn't it, Danielle?) And together, we turned this...  

into these...

I made one for myself and one for another organizery friend (who loved it!). I didn't think to take a picture of Danielle's, but it was shades of pink and blue with glittery snowflakes. So cute! We both decided we didn't need an entire notebook for just one year, so instead of the different divider sections, we're just going to use a different section for each year. So these cute little books will last us 4 years! 

After Danielle left, I was motivated to keep working, so I pulled out this little scrapbook I started months ago. Spring Break, maybe?? I ended up working on it until after 2 am, and I got so much done! 

The kids and I spent hours up in the loft over the weekend. I was motivated and inspired and just wanted to keep working! Only 3 more pages to go and I will have this fun little book done!!


Cheryl said...

Oooo . . . I LOVE how you decorated a simple album like that. What a great idea!! I used to scrapbook all the time and I just don't have time for it, but I can do that!! I have been putting my pictures in a simple album. I will go back and decorate them! You are so crafty. :) Do you have Veteran's Day off of school?

Anonymous said...

My aunt and I made one of those too! So much fun - where did you get your cute paper? Should have thought about making it into years instead of the titles eighteen25 suggested! You are smart!! It has really come in handy lately!
Hugs from Texas!

Amy said...

Cheryl... these little albums have become my new favorite thing! So simple and easy! I made one for a little anniversary trip my husband and I went on and now this one. They are super fast and you can make them as simple or cute as you want!

No... no Veteran's Day off for us. Boo. :(

Anonymous... all this paper came from a little store we have here locally. I get most of my paper from Michael's or Hobby Lobby, though! :)

Cheryl said...

How did you manage to stay awake til 2am on a school night?? wow! :) I wish I could come and "scrap" with you and get to know you better. :)