Thursday, June 3, 2010


After her visit to the groomers last week... 

It honestly baffles me. This dog used to be black. Jet black. Shiny dark black. 
No idea why she is now gray.
(I know why my hair is turning gray, but hers... I don't know.)

Also baffling to me...
as I'm dropping her off at the groomers, the man is finishing a bath on a dog and carrying him/her back to the kennel. Carrying him/her in the palm of his hand! 
I'm thinking to myself, "Seriously?? Someone is paying you money to wash this tiny little dog?? Seriously?? I will take this tiny dog home and wash it in my kitchen sink. This dog... my dog... is a dog that you pay someone to bathe and groom."

Just wish we could afford to pay them more often.
Like... every couple weeks.
Or every month, even.
She smells so nice when she comes home.


Chad and Jody said...

We think Marley looks like she has piggy tails now that her ears are the only ones that have hair on them! Cute!

Mira said...

So cute. I love when dogs just sit and let you take their picture. I hope you are having a fun summer.

amy d said...

such a pretty girl!!! i too think she looks like she has pigtails...i told corey i was gonna put bows in it.