Saturday, June 12, 2010


Some friends gave us a jumper for Gretchen a couple months ago. 
She loves it! 
We keep it in the garage and put her in it when we are all outside together. 

Todd and Renea... you are responsible for these big smiles! Thank you so much!! 

Funny.... the night we were going to stop by and get it, we were eating supper outside at Wendy's. Corey and I were talking about being ready to leave and I said, "Remember... we need to go by Dove's." Sophie perks up and hollers out, "What?! We're buying birds?!"  :)


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious (buying birds)! What a sharp girl!

amy d said...

that sophie...too funny!
wow..gretchie's teeth! i love the way she curls her tongue sideways!!

Renea said...

I'm so happy to provide a reason for more awesome smiles for such a cutie!! Thanks for sharing!
And I still get a good laugh about Sophie's bird comment. :o )

Have a great week!