Sunday, February 8, 2009

more tears.

Apparently, I hadn't cried quite enough for today.
I just read this quote that someone left on Jess and Joel's blog...

"Dear Lord, I would have loved to have held my baby on my lap and told her about You, but since I didn't get the chance, would You please hold her on Your lap and tell her about me?"


Jules said...

That is the most heart breaking yet encouraging quote I have read in a long time. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Abby said...

Just wanted to let you know I am praying for you as well as Cora's family. Tomorrow will bring more tears, but all we can do is hold on to Jesus.
I thought of that SCC song too when I heard the news on Sunday.
In Christ,
Abby in FL

Anonymous said...

I can't even breath after reading this.

The Sieberts said...


Aaron and Shannon said...

Oh, Wow, Amy! That is so sad...I had never thought about that side of it. Ugh!