Saturday, February 28, 2009

jewels for Cora.

There are so many people that love Jess and Joel and are still hurting for them as they figure out how to live their lives without Cora. My friend Amanda is one of those people. This is from her blog...

I know that nothing I can do will take their pain away. There are people EVERYWHERE doing things for Cora, for Joel and Jess. Almost as if we're all fighting to get her back.
It's hard to explain the emotions and reasons for why we're doing what we're doing....I told her that it may just be the love we have for them. I also told her that when there are no words.....we just act. Because there ARE no words. There is nothing we can say to take their pain away. And we all know that.
So we act. Because that's what we can do.
So because there are no words......we're acting. The Lord has laid it on my heart to use my Premier Jewelry Business for Cora. I helped the Boy Scouts with fundraising a few years ago. I was very happy to do that. Nothing else has come along since then....for me to use my business in this way.

This time it's personal. It's close to home. And this is what I have to give. I knew I couldn't do it alone. So I have some awesome girls helping me with all of it, and more and more girls getting on board each day! The night is about FAR more than jewelry. There will be jewelry, there will be a fashion show with the jewelry and some spring fashion tips....and a chance to buy jewelry, to raise money for Joel and Jess. But there will be more. We want to honor Cora. We want to share her story and allow people to leave a different person than they came. I keep reminding myself that this night will be in God's hands. Big or small....we WILL be able to give to Joel and Jess and we WILL honor and remember Cora on her SPECIAL DAY!

March 5th is the day that Cora would have been celebrating her first birthday. We know this will be a very hard day for Joel and Jess. We know this will be a sensitive day all around. But after getting the blessing from Jess and her mom, we decided that we wanted to bring people together this night. Rather than being busy with our normal, routine lives...we wanted to make this night about Cora. We are asking everyone to continue to pass the invitation to all of their friends and family, and then on and on. We know people everywhere have been praying for our friends. We want them to be able to do something, to come to this event, and be there to help honor Cora and do something impactful for Joel and Jess. If you are viewing this right now, and you are close are invited, whether you got this invitation by email or not. You can leave a comment for me and I can send you an invitation that you can email onto your friends and family as well.

What better way to remember a little princess....than with JEWELS!

Thank you, Amanda for all the work that you are putting into this special night! Jess is so lucky to have you as a friend. And I feel the same way! :)

I know this will be an emotional night. I just finished my first draft of "Cora's story" that I will be sharing that night. I was teary and crying off and on while writing it. Reading it will be hard. But I am so excited to spend this evening, Cora's birthday, surrounded by friends and friends of friends, all who have been touched by Cora's story and the amazing faith of Joel and Jess. They won't be there with us that night, but they will be comforted by the fact that there will be so many people, gathered together, remembering and celebrating the life of their little girl.


Julie said...

I just read your version of Cora's story. It is so beautiful. And perfect. And challenging. Thank you for writing it and sharing it in a way that gives God glory, yet addresses our sadness and questions. Amazing.

Jules said...

Hi Amy,
We are donating all of the money on Thursday. I don't know the current total, but last week it was over $8,000! God is so amazing. Heather has been in contact with the church secretary, so she will know the total before your event begins. Amazing.