Sunday, February 8, 2009

answered prayer.

I'm trying hard to understand Cora's death.
Trying hard to wrap my mind around it.
Knowing that good will come of it... there will be many people touched, and hopefully some people saved, because of her short life and her parent's faith.

But wouldn't people have been touched by her story of survival?
Her story of how she beat the odds? A story of how our great and powerful God was able to heal her, despite what medical science said.

I read this on a friend's blog...

We prayed for the cancer to be gone. And now it is. She is now perfect. Being held by our GREAT AND WONDERFUL GOD. God did not answer our prayers for Cora like we wanted Him to, but He did answer our prayer to take away Cora's pain.

God is a good God. I keep telling myself that over and over even though it is sometimes so painful to say.

I don't understand.
I may never understand.
But I know that God is good.

I know that He had a plan for little Cora's life. I know that it hurt Him to take her away from her mommy and daddy. I know that He is hurting for Joel and Jess and all of their friends and family who are so devestated right now.

I also know that Joel and Jess will have a greater understanding of Our Father's Love than I will ever know. The pain that they are feeling right now... the unbelievable heartache of losing their only child... is the same heartache that God experienced when He sent His Son to die for us. He sent Him to Earth, knowing the pain and suffering He would endure. Yet He still sent Him... His Son.

How great is His love for us... that He would willingly go through the pain that Joel and Jess are enduring... so that we could live eternally with Him.


The Sieberts said...

of course i don't mind :)

Amanda said...

Well said Amy...well said. It brought tears to my eyes. We spoke of the same thing in SS this morning...Jess and Joel now have a clearer understanding of John 3:16...and how God felt to give his only son. Thank you for this wonderful post of your attempt to understand as we all are trying to do. This make it a little easier.

Courtney said...

wow, amy. i couldn't get those words out from behind the HURT for them. thanks for sharing!!!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Thank you for posting this Amy.

Jules said...

Beautifully, wonderfully true.
But so very sad.
Thanks for writing this. You stated it so perfectly.

Jennifer said...

How interesting you compared their loss to God's loss and heartache of loosing a child. We talked about this very thing with Konley's death and also made the comparison. Just think God knew his son would die and pain and suffering he would experience but look at all the good and wonderful things that have happened in life because of his death. We won't ever understand it and I can't try to understand why. We were blessed to have Konley 9 more years after he was first dx with cancer and I wish for Jess and Joel they could of had baby Cora longer in their lives.

Falling Around said...

This is a very beautiful post.

I love the comparison you make between Joel & Jess' sacrifice and the Lord's sacrifice... painful, but true.

God knows their pain and will be faithful to comfort them.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

madelyn said...

answered prayer. Your post has reminded me of something my mum wrote after my sister passed away in 2002. "Deborah's prayers were answered, Jesus called her home"
We too prayed that she would be healed of the cancer and that she would not be in pain. Though they weren't answered in a way that we were hoping, they were indeed answered.
I, like you, will never know the whys and such of these tragedies... I probably never will either.