Wednesday, October 1, 2008


My sister asked what my kids thought of my straight hair...

My own kids... didn't really seem to notice. (But then again, they are used to seeing it really, really curly after I've washed it, and then it suddenly gets less curly the next day. So, Mommy's hair looking different from day to day maybe isn't that unusual for them. )

My school kids... didn't say a word. I wore it in a ponytail, which I often do, but this ponytail looked much skinnier than my usual ones. They didn't seem to notice a change.

A former student (now a 2nd grader)... in the middle of the hallway, in a not-so-quiet voice, in her typical "speak before you think" way, exclaims, "Mrs. Jones! Your hair's not puffy anymore!"

Thank you, Rebekah.
Thank you so much.

Kendall, you're right... they do keep us humble.

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Anonymous said...

um, at least she noticed!! :)