Friday, October 10, 2008


Our yard if fully fenced now.
We debated over whether or not to save a few hundred dollars and just have Troy do the fence posts and bring all the supplies, while we put it all up ourselves.
I am so glad we spent the extra money.
Troy had all this done in 2 days...

How many people have neighbors like this?

When we were deciding with Craig and Amy what we wanted down the middle, we all said that we hated to do 6 foot cedar the whole way and not be able to talk over the fence anymore. But neither of us could afford to do 6 foot wrought iron the whole way. The panel in the middle was our solution. (This one is temporary... the 6 foot is on order, so Troy gave us this 5 foot one to use for now. The real thing will be even with the top of the cedar.)

Corey made the white gate... isn't he handy?!

We are loving it, the kids are loving it and Miss Marley is really loving it!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice! I'm sure the extra money was worth it. It gives your dh a break on his birthday weekend :)