Thursday, October 16, 2008


For those who think I am exagerrating about the extent of my natural curl...

See why this was such a big change for me?
See why it would take so much work every day?
See why I hate rainy, humid weather?

I could never live in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful. I would wear it just like that !

meg duerksen said...

me too amy!
as i spend 45 minutes curling are across the street straightening yours! :)

i think the curls are beautiful. i would just let it go and see what everyone else tells you. you may be surprised. or they may say "What happened to you?!!" then we could agree that i was wrong.

but i do love curly hair.
i bet yours is no exception.

were you gone this weekend?

Anonymous said...

i concur with meg. :)