Sunday, January 27, 2008


Spent most of Saturday morning cleaning.
To get started, that meant walking around the house with a bag and picking up all the random pieces of paper, Kleenex, candy wrappers, granola bars, napkins and junk mail.

I'm telling myself that lots of other mothers have to start out their cleaning this way, too. So if you've never walked around your house and filled up an empty Wal-Mart bag with nothing but trash... please keep those comments to yourself. No bad mommy remarks allowed!

And don't tell my friendly neighborhood trash men, but there is a lot of paper in here that probably should have made it's way to the handy blue recycling bin. But sorting out the plain paper from all the paper with Scotch tape, staples and stickers on it was too much work.

This is where all the stray Kleenex came from.
Notice that this box is fulled of wadded up Kleenex that have been stuffed back in the box. They were never used, just strewn around the room. Apparently our living room was full of sharks and if you are sitting on a folded up blanket boat with TinkerToy oars, you can scare away sharks by throwing Kleenex at them. Good to know.

"I not making a mess, Mommy."
Sure you're not... I've heard that before.

Practicing his cutting/tearing skills with napkins.

Thank goodness for washable markers.

Speaking of washable markers... these are my new favorites!
They are about 4 inches and have cute names like teensy teal, dinky pink and raspberry squirt. Firefly red, toy poodle black, little boy blue.
Everything little.

But my favorite thing about them is that they fit so well in my cute little cups.

That is what it's all about right? Making organization cute...


Anonymous said...

My favorite name is "kitten gray"
Can you tell we were reading all the names?

Amy said...

I wondered why Lawson kept bringing them to me and wanting me to read all the names...