Sunday, January 27, 2008

lion, duck and bear.

Lawson has had these 3 stuffed animals in his room forever.
I think they were all 3 in the room when Sophie was a baby.
When we moved the crib out I did a little rearranging with his shelves and he apparently noticed these animals for the first time.
He will not go to sleep if they are in his room.
I've tried to sneak them back in a few times and before he turns his light out, he runs around grabbing them and tosses them all out in the hall.

See how scary they are?

And since Sophie already has a million stuffed animals in her room and these are not currently any of her favorites... these three are just living in the hallway outside Lawson's room.

1 comment:

Christine E. said...

Awwww. Look at those sad eyes! They just want to be loved!