Sunday, January 27, 2008

crazy week.

This was such a long week.
No school (with kids, anyway) on Monday. Just meetings all day.
Why is it that the 4 day weeks always seem the longest?

This picture was taken Monday night.
I already look exhausted.
That didn't change much during the week.

Look at those bright red cheeks on Lawson.
This cold weather is rough on his little cheeks and hands.
(Do all red-heads have senstive skin?)

Time to play catch-up with my blogging!
(Because our life is so exciting and I know you are all dying to hear what we did all week!)


Anonymous said...

I also have a darling red head. She has THE MOST sensitive skin ever. We have to double rinse her clothes in the washing machine, she can only wear natural fibers, no bubble baths and she MUST use elidel or her daily rash. Even with all the measures we take she still has one however if she dont follow all the measures its BAD, if we do its just a little itchy. Poor little babies. Lawson is just a total cutie!!

Anonymous said...

j1 had rosy cheeks like that when lived "up north"