Wednesday, October 10, 2007

more sophie.

I love the details that Sophie pays attention to while she is playing. This little arrangement has been in her room for a week now. Every little baby (or animal) is in it's perfect place. With so many details...

This dog gets to wear the sunglasses and look at the flowers from "Beach Day" at preschool.

This little elephant is sleeping on a folded up blanket in the basket. He has a pair of socks under his head for a pillow.... a washcloth for a blanket... 2 bottles... and the spring hanging on the handle of the basket is his mobile.

This baby is just sleeping with her blanket. But Piglet? He's got his rattle, lotion and baby oil... all at his fingertips!

There is a cat in this basket. Again... sleeping on a folded up blanket... covered with a washcloth blanket... sippy cup beside her.

What a good little mommy. :)

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