Sunday, October 28, 2007


They announced in church this morning that almost 1100 people went through Judgement House this weekend. Over 80 people rededicated their lives to God and 58 people accepted Christ for the first time.

The final room that you go to is a place to sit and listen to one of the pastors or elders go over what we have just seen and explain the gospel. They ask everyone to bow their heads and close their eyes. This is where all these decisions are taking place. They said this morning that there was one group where they ran out of prayer team members to meet individually with people. All but one of the 20+ people in that group raised their hand indicating that they had made a decision and wanted someone to pray with them. They are then escorted to separate rooms for private conversations and prayer. When Pastor Dave asked them to open their eyes, there was only one woman left in the room. He said, "I think you lost your group." Her response? "Yes!"
She had invited them all.

Praying for the many, many people involved and hoping that next weekend will have an even bigger impact.

Pastor Dave said this morning, "The enemy is strong, but our Savior is stronger."

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