Saturday, October 27, 2007

judgement house.

Amazing. Just amazing.

Our church has been preparing for this for months. So many people have dedicated time, energy and resources to make this production happen. Over 250 people are involved. Acting, directing, guiding, counseling, praying, parking, cooking, registering, the list goes on and on...

Corey and I went through it last night.
I expected it to be powerful. I expected it to be emotional. Still, I wasn't prepared...

It's a 90 minute live drama where a group of 20 people are walked through 8 different scenes. A new group is sent through every 12 minutes. You meet a family and witness the struggles they are going through. You watch as the daughter is witnessed to by a friend and makes the decision to follow Christ. Her brother rejects the idea of a Heavenly Father that loves him and would send His son to die for his sins. "I've never known any father that loved like that."

The scenes continue and you are next led outside to a car accident. A drunk driver hit their car on the way home from bible study. You watch as cops and paramedics care for the severely injured teens, then watch the parents in the ER, hearing the news that both of their children have been killed. You are then led to the Judgement scene. All 3 friends stand before the judge and are led to their final destination. Two are sent to live eternally in Heaven, while the brother who chose not to believe, who wanted to wait, who didn't have time for this... is led to Hell. You visit both Hell and Heaven. I had heard about the Hell scene and knew somewhat what to expect... but it was more "chilling" than I imagined. I had expected the Hell scene to be powerful, and it was. What I wasn't prepared for was Heaven...

I cried here the most. I hadn't expected this scene to be so moving, so emotional, so real. The tears flowed harder as I looked around the room at the tear streaked faces of dear friends. Lisa, who I know was thinking of her tiny baby girl, in Heaven, surrounded by all the glory we were standing in. Robyn, who's husband was playing Jesus, so caught off guard by the emotions she felt seeing him there. Jody, who is just so real, so sensitive, so sweet. Looking into Doug's piercing blue eyes and hearing his voice... just amazing. So reaffirming for me. Life changing for many.

The first night there were 16 people who made the decision to accept Christ. 19 people rededicated their lives to Him. Amazing.

Those of you who live near me... consider going through this. There is a youth group from Denver driving down just to go through. It runs tonight and then next week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can make reservations at or call the number given there.

Just amazing.


Anonymous said...

oh my word...I wish I did live close to you. I would love to get the information on this for my church. Sounds like God was at work. Dont you love it when you go in expecting something nice and walking out feeling like you just have seen and touched God directly>? I love that!!!

Amy said...

Traci- go to their website. They have a list of all the places in the country that are doing them and when. Lots of info, too.