Wednesday, October 24, 2007

for my dad.

This "conversation" took place in our kitchen tonight:

Me: Guess who's coming to see us on Friday? (dramatic pause) Grandma!

Lawson: and Papa?!

Me: No, just Grandma.

Lawson: Oh man... Papa's godda work. (followed by the sad, pouty face... arms crossed... head drooping down...

(okay... so he does kind of look like he's smiling here. But only because I made him do this again... when I had my camera. The first time really was a sad, bottom-lip-completely-sticking-out-look.)

He really is a "grandpa's boy"... even if he does play shy when you come down. :)

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Anonymous said...

lawson is such a total doll! Nothing in the world like a grandpa and their little buddy.