Tuesday, September 22, 2015

more volleyball.

It was a frustrating season for Sophie this year. Sports are always more fun when you're winning. And there wasn't much of that happening this year. But I loved watching her play and improve each game!

Gretchen was not always a fan of volleyball and football games... #littlesisterproblems

{6 hours of this today. Thankful for Grandma that's cheering on my other #14! And keeping the 5 year old who would not be having fun at an all day volleyball tournament. #irishvolleyball #irishfootball}

I loved playing volleyball in high school. Really loved it. But I never really missed it that much. Until this year. Sitting in the stands... watching them play... oh, it made me miss it. So thankful for those happy memories. (And hope that Sophie will have such happy memories some day!)

{It's hard to smile when your games aren't going like you hoped they would. Proud of these two girls. #irish volleyball}

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