Wednesday, September 16, 2015

august random.

{Wanna see your mom lose her mind? Have a drawer in your bathroom that looks like this. 
Seriously kids... toothpaste is not that difficult. #the5yearolddoesntbrushinhere}

Guess who wanted a cleaner football helmet? (Yay for Norwex!)

{From Irish baseball to Irish football. Pretty sure this is gonna stress momma out more than him standing on a pitching mound.}

{7:30 bedtime for this little kindergartener. First two days were so good... I wasn't prepared for tears on Day 3. Thankful for amazing co-workers who helped us both dry our eyes. #backtoschool #change is hard.}

{My students drew my picture today. This one was my favorite.}

{My biggest observations so far with a class full of boys? They are loud. At least one of them is always moving. And the whistling and weird noises. So many weird noises. #firstgrade #only9 #seemslikemore}

{I really need to get off the couch. But...}

{Marveling tonight at all the different shades of green... right outside my door. #farmlife #nofilter}

So horrifying. We've lived her for 2 years and this is the first one I've ever actually seen.

Corey got him in a bucket and we posted his picture on Facebook for snake loving friends to identify. Creepy, creepy, creepy. 

I probably shouldn't have been so freaked out considering he was only about 12 inches long. But still creepy.

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