Saturday, October 25, 2014


One more special birthday at our house this week... 

That sounds so big. 

 You really do have big eyes. They're always just so squinty when you smile in pictures. =) 

Daddy cleaned up one of Sophie's old bikes and put new tires on it. It's been at Grandma Jones' for years. I'm not sure you had ever seen it. 

You were pretty excited... 

"Thank you, Daddy!" was the first thing out of your mouth. You really are such a sweet little thing.

You are loving preschool and have finally started talking at daycare. The floodgates have opened. =) Katie now knows why we laughed when she would describe you as such a quiet little thing.

You have the sweetest smile and the happiest laugh. You give the best hugs and love to do our little cheerleader moves and flips.

You've always loved to be outside. You are loving being out there riding your bike now. 

You are ready for kindergarten now, you told me the other day. I'm not sure if I'm ready for you to be in kindergarten, though. Five. How is that possible?

Happy Birthday, Gretchen Jane! 
We couldn't possibly love you more! 

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Toni :O) said...

Awwww Happy 5th Birthday to your sweet and charming Princess! Hard to believe she five as it seems like yesterday when she was born. Looks like she loves her bike indeed. Too cute. ����