Sunday, October 12, 2014

41 things.

Someone in our house turned 41 yesterday.
And I kind of like that someone.
So... in no particular order... 41 things I love about this guy right here...

1. You make me laugh.
2. You make me smile.
3. Even when I don't want to. =)
4. You cook.
5. You clean.
6. You do laundry.
7. You vacuum.
8. You spend hours cleaning my van. Inside and out.
9. You only make me feel a little bad about how dirty it gets. (Scratch that. You just came inside and talked grouchy to me.) Your deep, Johnny Cash voice. (That's my new #9)
10. You snuggle with Sophie.
11. You wrestle with Lawson.
12. You give Gretchen baths.
13. You buy groceries.
14. You mow the grass. (Back when we used to have grass...) =)
15. You let me sleep with my leg draped over you at night.
16. You make coffee in the mornings.
17. You clean out the dogs ears.
18. You give flea medicine to the dog and cats.
19. You love on Simone and try to pet the other cats.
20. You drove like crazy to try to get Spouncer to the vets when he got ran over.
21. You work hard.
22. Crazy hard.
23. Harder than any guy I know. (Except my dad. You're tied with him.)
24. You surprise me with Sonic drinks sometimes.
25. You drove into town to buy me ice cream when my throat was sore.
26. You do helpful things all the time.
27. You only grumble about it sometimes.
28. You like my family.
29. You spend time with my family.
30. You only grumble about it sometimes. =)
31. You look sexy driving a tractor.
32. You take the kids on tractor rides.
33. You do all kinds of things with the kids.
34. You give the best hugs.
35. You make me feel safe.
36. You make me feel loved.
37. You make me feel cared about. (Yes... those are different things.)
38. You tell me I'm beautiful... even when I don't believe you.
39. You said yes to the Christmas dance 20 years ago. (20 years?!)
40. You said yes to forever...  in a church... 16 years ago... in front of our family and friends.
41. You meant it.

So many more things I could say about this guy of mine.
Yes, I could make a list of things that irritate me. Or annoy me. Or make me roll my eyes.
But that's not a good list to make.

I'm blessed. I'm grateful. I'm spoiled.
I'm so very happy that he's mine.
He may not be perfect, but he's perfect for me.
And I hope I get to spend another 41 years with him. (At least!)


Kristin said...

Awww! He's a keeper!

Joke said...

Happy birthday to your husband! :)

Toni :O) said...

What an awesome list. Sounds like you two are perfect for each other. That's a blessing right there. Cheers!