Saturday, December 28, 2013

pajama breakfast.

Second year for this fun tradition. 
It was a little easier last year, when the Meneley's could just walk across the street, but grateful they were willing to make the drive out to the farm. (We invited two other families this year, but it ended up being just the 9 of us again.)

 The fun straws are always the kids' favorite part. 

No one said a pajama breakfast has to be healthy... (we also had sausage/egg muffins and banana bread)

Love the friendship that these kiddos have. Who would have guessed it when Meagan and I were growing up together 30+ years ago. =)

Marley was pretty happy to have some of her favorite people around again...

Dallas had her in a trance before too long... =)

And, of course, a sweet gift basket put together by Meagan. She's one of the most thoughtful people ever. So glad I get to call her my friend.


Holly said...

fun fun fun

amy said...

That is a special friendship! :) Do you do this on New Year's Eve morning? XOXO

Amy said...

amy... we have to do it on a Saturday, since Corey still has to work. We just pick one that works for all of us! :)