Tuesday, December 17, 2013

decorating the tree.

It's always so fun to pull out the boxes of ornaments and "remember them..." 

The kids each have their own box of ornaments, too. The big kids were nice and let Gretchen do some of theirs, since she doesn't have that many yet.

We were playing the "Straight, No Chaser" Christmas cd. (I love it!) The kids just can't help but dance (aka... run around crazy) to "The Christmas Can-Can." 

And everyone always gets a turn to put on the angel...

Like the pajamas? Stripes go with stripes, right? =)

A perfectly decorated, magazine worthy Christmas tree, it is not.
It is a complete hodge podge of decorations and working and not working lights.
There are ornaments everywhere.
It kind of looks like the tree that Christmas threw up on.
But I love it.
It's the perfect tree for us.

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Ben said...

I love trees that tell a story. Merry Christmas!