Thursday, November 29, 2012


Thankful for lots of things these past few days...

* A Grandpa with a day off work who could come pick up Sophie when she threw up at school Tuesday afternoon

* A local grocery store (our only one!) that had lice treatment shampoo (I really didn't want to drive 30 minutes to Wal-Mart at 8:00 pm)

* Gretchen's blonde, blonde fine hair is easy to look through and spot little critters

* I finally know what lice look like (14 years of teaching and I've managed to avoid it at my house for this long)

* Gretchie apparently never shared her little critters with anyone else (so, so thankful for this one!!)

* Sophie's stomach bug was short lived and not shared with anyone (so, so thankful for this one, too!!)

* We had plenty of laundry detergent on hand (I did 47 loads of laundry yesterday. Or maybe just 17... but it felt like 47.)

* My house just might be the cleanest that it's been since we moved here

* A sweet 3rd grade teacher who let Lawson play on her computer after school and then brought him home so that I could let my coughing snuffly baby nap extra long yesterday.

* Peppermint ice cream with chocolate Magic Shell topping (that might have been my supper last night)

* A thoughtful care package in the mail from my sister (a complete lice removal kit may not have been on my Amazon Wish List, but still...)

* A sweet neighbor/friend who brought me over a Dr. Pepper when we were out warming up our vehicles this morning.

* A funny little baby (toddler) who abadons her footy pjs, tosses her warm blanket aside, tosses her pillow aside and crawls inside an empty pillowcase to sleep. She reminded me of one of those little Glo-Worm toys. I needed that smile/laugh last night before bed.

Funny... I'm pretty sure a week ago at Thanksgiving, I wouldn't have been thankful for most of these things.
It's all about perspective.


flower power momma said...

yes, it is about perspective and you've got a great one happening.

we had to deal w/head lice once...a million years ago too. unfortunately we were home on Christmas vacation, stayed at both grandmas homes during that time, sharing the love/lice? sigh. I kept the shampoo around for a few months after that..just in case.

Anonymous said...

What a great support system.

Toni :O) said...

I think you just put a whole new spin on "Calgon, take me away!" LOL

I wish you had snapped a photo of that sweet Gretchie in the pillowcase, that would have made my that Dolly of yours (although, the lice, um, not so much...ugh, no fun I'm sure).

Here's to a brighter weekend!

Danielle said...

Great perspective! Can your daddy get any more awesome?!