Saturday, November 3, 2012

happy halloween.

We joined our favorite neighbors on a little trick-or-treating this year. Trick-or-treating is harder when you don't know many people in town. (and most of the people we do know would be out trick-or-treating with their own kids!) We've never been fans of just taking our kids door to door. We like to visit houses of people know. (This neighbor actually used to babysit for my sister and I!)

It was fun to go see Grandpa this year! (And apparently he camps outside in this chair, with his face covered up and sometimes sits perfectly still to make people wonder if he's real or not. Who knew?!)

Then we went to see Grandma at our church's Fall Fanfare. It's basically a big carnival with tons of candy and prizes. The kids came home with buckets packed full of candy! (Which we are trying to keep up high to prevent a certain dog from eating it all!)

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rentz said...

Wish we could have gotten a picture of the 2 cowboys together. :(