Saturday, November 17, 2012


* I could spend days working at school. Seriously. I'm feeling better about curriculum (and ways I'm adapting around the parts I don't like/agree with) but I still don't feel great about it. I need some of my old co-workers to come spend a day with me and help me figure it all out. =) 

* I got permission to post pictures of my sweet little 1st graders on here, though, so some fun school pictures will be coming soon! 

* We have a big ceramic chicken that sits by our driveway. He was here when we moved in and we've just left him. I think he needs a name, though.

* You can fit two cars side by side in this carport if need be. Crazy rainstorm last weekend that seemed like hail could be a possibility.

* We finally closed on our house at the end of October. We had a contract on it 15 days after putting it on the market and they moved in 2 weeks after that. But they couldn't officially close until October 1st. Which then ended up being October 29th. But the house never sat empty and there was never a time we were paying mortgage/rent on 2 houses. Very grateful for that. But we were so glad to officially be done with it. And I think all the hassle and seeing the house a few times since we moved out made it less emotional. It just didn't seem like "ours" anymore.

* This little Honda is making Corey's 70 mile commute a whole lot less expensive. We switched vehicles one day though, and it wasn't my favorite. I felt like I was actually sitting on the road and I did not love 3 kids that were all able to touch each other in the backseat. I like my mini-van, thank you very much.

* I went and ran 5 errands this morning and was home in 15 minutes. And that included the time it took me to change out of my pajamas. There's something to be said for small town living.

* I don't understand our cable/internet bill. Past due on 11-15-12. Does that mean it's due on the 14th? But then a late fee is applied on the 25th. So do you really have until the 25th to pay it?? I like to pay bills on time. I just can't figure out when this one is really due.

* For all the things we don't love about renting a house, I will say this... it's nice to be able to call a landlord for things like water leaks.

* We are in the very early, early stages of thinking about building our farmhouse. It's already stressful. I'm not looking forward to all the decisions that will need to be made. I'm so afraid I'll wish I had done something differently when we're done. Really hoping we'll be able to enjoy the process and love the end result!

* My favorite thing about this house is still the big house across the street. Although we don't see our favorite neighbors nearly enough. Apparently Dallas has a mustache now?! I think we need to start weekly dinners or something.

* We also need to plan our pajama breakfast. Maybe Thanksgiving or Christmas break?

* I'm letting Sophie make cookies by herself right now. (from a mix... just butter and an egg are involved) It might be causing a bit of drama with a younger brother.

* Sophie got to do something really fun and special last weekend. Pictures will be coming soon!

* Drinking coffee from my cute polka dot mug has become one of my favorite things about Saturday and Sunday.

* I am a bit stressed that I don't have this little miss potty-trained yet. Sophie was out of diapers well before she turned 3 years old. I was thinking Lawson was, too. But I just went back and checked my blog and he was actually 3 years and 2 months old. That makes me feel a little better. I was going to work on it with Gretchen this summer, but obviously, things got a bit crazy this summer. The other two have been easy to potty train and I want to do things the same way with Gretchen. That requires a few days of undivided attention. We just haven't had that yet. I'm hoping maybe Thanksgiving Break will be the time. Fingers crossed.

* We had a porch kitty for awhile. Corey named it Oscar, until I pointed out she was a girl. Then we started calling her Olive. She was only around for a couple weeks, though. Sad. I'm ready to have a kitty again.

* This is Gretchen's spot in the morning. I carry her downstairs, plop her on the counter and she sits here with a sippy cup of apple juice while I let the dog out, make coffee, tie shoes, do pigtails, etc. And she is quick to remind me to give her a vitamin after we do her piggies.

* I love this little bench/table in our kitchen. A breakfast nook is on my wish list for the farmhouse.

* My laptop dies unless it's plugged in. Which is really annoying and kind of defeats the purpose of a laptop. You'll be right in the middle of something and it just goes black. It also takes it about 5 minutes to turn back on now. More annoying. 

* I hung some happy fall artwork on our stairs. This bubble wrap turkey makes me think of you, Beth! =) 

* Several of these were made at your house, too, Jessi! Happy memories. =)

* My mom won't be here for Thanksgiving this year. She left a week ago for two weeks at my sister's house in Houston. But she's got a good reason to be there. A sweet little 8# 8oz. reason.

* We've gotten spoiled having Grandma and Grandpa so close. They are both off on Thursdays and have gotten into the routine of coming to get the big kids after school on Thursdays. They go feed cows, they play at the park, help Grandma with supper, all kinds of fun stuff. And then mom usually has us over for supper on Thursdays. Spoiled, right?

* I really miss my kid's friend's moms. And not just because they were some of my best friends. I miss moms who were so much like me... moms with the same morals and values... moms that I never questioned if they were doing/watching/hearing inappropriate things while at their house... moms that could parent my kids the same way I would... moms that I just did life with. I miss them. A lot.

* Corey declared last night that he isn't going to build us a new house if we can't keep this house clean. Ugh. How does the house get messy so quickly? It was pretty clean Wednesday when we had my dad over for supper. I guess we need to have people over more often.

* Cookies are done (and look pretty yummy!) Hopefully that won me some "fun mom" points for the day. Now to clean and do the boring mom stuff.


Amanda said...

I know of a SUPER amazing guy that could build your house for you! I don't think you're too far :-) Unless of course you know of someone else super amazing.

Ben said...

i love your blog! :)

about school...are you using c-scope or core curriculum? we have officially made the switch to c-scope and it has many challenges...i feel your pain!

Toni :O) said...

Loved all the updates!! Happy Thanksgiving to your sweet family. Good luck with the potty training! :0)

Amy said...

Ben (Laurie)... we are transitioning to Common Core, but right now don't have curriculum that matches that. We are getting a new math curriculum for next year, so hopefully it will align with CCSS. Reading has been the biggest change for me this year, though.

Anonymous said...

Love the turkey!! Making them with 2nd graders this week again! Miss you all!

Frau said...

That kitty is making the rounds...neighbor across the street (red house) has been seeing it each morning, so maybe she'll be back on your porch soon!

Looking forward to pajama breakfast in the near future!

Danielle said...

Love all the updates. I miss you too. A LOT! (I sure wish I would have known you were expecting that your kids didn't hear anything inappropriate at my house. That might have changed a few things :)

rentz said...

Finally catching up on some blog reading. Miss you too! I guess I'm just going to assume I'm one of those moms you're talking about! Is that conceited? :)

Anonymous said...

I want to do that girl's piggies!