Saturday, June 23, 2012


Some fun (and not-so-fun) things that have happened lately that I have been too busy to blog about... 

1. Swimming lessons

2. Baseball games

3. Gretchen cut her hair (She has bangs now!) Thankfully, she didn't do a horrible job... it's really not too noticeable unless you are really looking. I didn't even notice at first when she came running saying "Does my hair look pwetty, Momma?" Yikes. Could have been so. much. worse. 

4. Sprinkler under the trampoline

5. Playdates with friends

6. Showing the house 7 times in 6 days. (No offers yet, but a few people we thought were pretty serious. Hard to keep from getting discouraged, but trying to remind ourselves it has only been "on the market" for 10 days now.)

7. The cats went to live at the Humane Society. (and I cried my eyes out) We couldn't find a home for them and we just knew that they would not be able to make the move with us. They were our first babies... 13 years ago. Happily, though, we heard that they have both already been adopted. I'm imagining them each curled up on someone's lap... getting all kinds of love and attention. 

8. Mommy trip to Olive Garden and Target with two of my favorite people. We made some good memories in those Target aisles. =) 

9. Bonzai Falls with neighbors

10. Catching lightning bugs

11. Still too much TV watching. (We developed some really bad habits while we were so immersed in house projects.) 

12. We realized our "new house" does not have a dishwasher. Dang. Or a pantry. Or a place for the trampoline. Or the freezer. Dang. I'm sure there will be other things, too. But I'm telling myself it will just help us figure out all the things that we really want before we build. And it will still be perfect enough. 

Pictures to come soon. Right now I am working like crazy to get my 2011 blog books finished and ordered. I'm so close. I got 90 pages done yesterday. (Some of you can appreciate how crazy that is!) I know once we move there will be no time to work on them, so I want to get them done now. My goal is to finish today! 

Happy Saturday! =)


Danielle H. said...

No dishwasher?! Girl, you really are breaking yourself into the country life quickly! Teehee.

Danielle said...

Olive Garden and Target are some of my favorite memories. Love you!