Monday, June 4, 2012


One of the first things I needed to get done this summer was my classroom. 
13 years worth of stuff... packed up and ready to move. And I had a lot of stuff. 

When I came to this school right after college, they were adding a fourth 1st grade classroom. I moved into a completely empty classroom. Absolutely nothing in it. I bought a ton of stuff that year. 

And I've bought more stuff every year since then. 

I found these in the back of a cabinet. These were all projects/assignments for various education classes.  Pages and pages and pages worth of stuff.

I threw it all away. I haven't look at it in 13 years and there was no reason it needed to make the move. But ugh... all that work.

My mom came down Sunday afternoon with my dad's truck. In an hour, my room went from the above pictures, to this...


And my dad's truck looked like this...

and this...

and this. There was literally just enough room for my mom to drive. (and my van had stuff in it, too!)

All that stuff is now here. In the hallway at my new school. I couldn't put it in my classroom yet, but I was thrilled to be able to bring it here. (and to see the school/my room!) I really didn't want to load all this up/unload it at home and then have to do it all again to move it here. So thankful I could just take it straight there! (and so thankful to my mom for all her awesome help!) (and thankful for my sweet friend, Danielle, who spent a whole day with me sorting/organizing and packing!) 

So here's my new school. One hallway.

This is going to be so different.
Good. But different.
(and I was happily surprised by the size of my classroom!)


Toni :O) said...

Change is good and it's gonna be GREAT! God bless and many wonderful blessings to you in your new position...a fresh start is one that very few of us get so I'm living vicariously through you! :O)

Melissa said...

I spent several "friend days" at this school with my cousin!! Just think if you had that much to move from school how much you will have to move from home:)

The Boccias said...

Oh the memories of packing up a classroom...but I only taught 3 years,and I just moved everything right into our basement. :) I actually just last week threw away portfolios from Block A and Block B. i hung onto my student teaching stuff though. Maybe my girls will like to look at it someday and see how smart their momma used to be... :) Have fun setting up your new classroom!

Danielle said...

Wow! That's a lot of stuff and work. You're making lots of progress on your to-do list. You rock!

jennifer said...

Wow, Amy, what a lot of work and what a lot of memories! I am excited to see your new classroom all set up, and see what the new year/move/changes bring to you :) Sending you good vibes and blessings from WA during this busy time!

Jenny said...

That's great that you only had to move that once, and how fun will that be to set up your new classroom! :0) Good luck with all of your ventures this summer!