Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Two year olds are so much fun. 
Their little personalities are starting to really show... they are talking all the time... and they are funny. 
Really funny. At least my two year old is funny. 

Gretchen Jane, you make me smile every. single. day. 
Just a few things I want to remember about you when you were two... 

You have a freckle on your leg. Just one. You call it an owie and every single time you take a bath, you try to wash it off. Every single time. 

You adore your new baby cousin. (Mommy's pretty fond of her, too. I think we need to go visit again.)

You could play this game all day. You love to hang upside down. "I upside-down, Mommy!"

You creep over our shoulders or across our laps and get in our face like this all. the. time. It's one of your signature moves.

You don't usually say anything... just stay inches away from our face until we smile at you, talk to you or kiss you.  You do this to me every night at supper. Probably 5 or 6 times each night. 

You love to dress yourself. Several times a day on the weekends. You come up with some pretty fun and colorful combinations, too.
You've had a cold off and on this winter. You are really good at saying, "My nose needs wiping..."

I don't think you ever take a nap at home now without undressing yourself at least once. This day, I put you down for a nap wearing this kitty onesie, leggings and a skirt with bloomers attached. The first time I checked on you, you had the onesie and skirt on, but no leggings. When you woke up from nap, you were down to just the onesie... which was now backwards. 

You love to read books. Pretty much any book. You still love to bring us Sophie's chapter books and ask us to read those. =)

You are so snuggly and cuddly and lovey. You love to be held and carried. Most mornings before school, your feet never touch the floor.

You said "Love you" for the first time last weekend. I've been trying to get you to say it for the longest time, but you would just give me an ornery little smile and say, "No. I can't say that." We were at Grandma and Grandpa's, trying to get ready to go to a wedding... I kept shooing you out of the room and telling you to go find Grandma so I could get dressed. You opened the door and came back in for the 3rd time and said in the sweetest little voice, "Love you, momma."

You take your pajamas off every night lately. We put you to bed in warm footy pjs and I get you out of bed in the morning wearing just your diaper. (So thankful that you have yet to remove that!) I really don't think you get hot, I think it's just a game to you. You laugh every morning when we say that you are naked. 

Last night we put you to bed in just a onesie. This morning, I got you out of bed in a backwards, unsnapped onesie... and one of Lawson's t-shirts. Your sneaky little hands reached through the crib slats and into his dirty laundry basket. You thought you were pretty funny. =)
You chatter and chatter from your carseat some days. You end nearly everything you say with, "Right, Mom?" Half the time I have no idea what you just said (you talk pretty quiet) but I can't get you to repeat it. You just keep saying, "Right, Mom??" until I agree with you.

I love your little pigtails. You look so much like Sophie did at this age. You must have just learned "brother and sister" because you love to say, "There's my brother!" or "That's my sister!" But you usually call them your little brother and sister. =)

You tell us all the time that we are funny. "You're funny, Mommy..." You are really the funny one, though. You have the sweetest little personality. You make us laugh all the time.

You love to be outside... to swing... to jump on the trampoline... to ride in your bike or in your car... to go down the slide... and to run. I wish that I had half your energy.  You love to climb on the yellow stool and wash dishes in the kitchen sink. You love to get in the jar of dog biscuits and give Marley a bone. You love to watch Dora.

You are the sweetest little blonde pig-tailed person and I am so very lucky to get to call you mine.
We adore you, Gretchen Jane.
A little bit more every single day.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet, sweet post. And what a special little girlie. You give your kids such an incredible life!! - Tonya

The Sieberts said...

2 year old are hilarious. mine is a riot! :o)

Jenny said...

I always loved the 2 year old stage. I never knew why they called it the "terrible twos". Now 3 year olds...... ;0)

The Boccias said...

There are so many things about her that are like Talia! (Concern over freckles and getting right in your face are my favorite similarities.) Love how sweet these little girls are! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pig tails!!!

Toni :O) said...

Oh my, every time you post about her, I fall in love with her all over again...those eyelashes...continue to get.me.every.single.time...she is absolute pure sweetness in every sense of the word!

Melissa Jensen said...

those are some super sweet pics!! I love the one with you and her together with your faces touches!! Precious!! And Amy you are so beautiful!!

Melissa said...

Love it! She is adorable! We constantly comment about how funny Kate is. We don't remember the boys making us laugh this much at her age but maybe that is just what happens over time. Although I don't want to forget it this time around- great way to capture it all!

Danielle said...

Oh.my.gosh! Can she get any cuter?! I love the pic of her "winking" over your shoulder. Oh, and I'd love to watch her "playing" in her crib. So funny!

rentz said...

What a sweetie! I think Jobie wants her to come over and play again soon! :)

Maydelin said...

i JUST love this age!! they are so funny, especially the girls!!!