Monday, March 26, 2012

crown uptown.

This is such a fun field trip. Exhausting, but fun.
I love that our PTO is willing to spend the money to send our school here each year.
Last year, it was just our K-1 kids who went to the dinner theater and 2-4 enjoyed a local production.
This year it was all of us... which is a lot of kids. The day before spring break... which was a little crazy.
But crazy can be fun sometimes...

This may be one of my favorite 1st grade pictures from this year... 

This little guy was less than thrilled to be taking a picture with his kindergarten little sister. But seriously... how gorgeous are their little faces?! 

I was responsible for this girl's retainer during lunch. Can't be too careful with that thing, after all.

This day sounds like it should be so easy for teachers.
But holy cow.
It is EXHAUSTING. Seriously.
Luckily we all had the entire week of spring break to recover. =)


Jenny said...

I love the Crown Uptown! So fun! But I totally understand about being exhausted. I think the days I was most tired in when I taught were field trip days. ;0)

Danielle said...

LOVE the photo of you and Soph!! The first pic makes me smile because your little guy from last year is smiling in the background. He's so ornery!!

Anonymous said...

Lawson looks so much like you in that last picture !

The Sieberts said...

we went on a friday once with a friend and didn't realize it was school field trip day...let me just say YIKES! LOL