Thursday, March 22, 2012

before spring break.

Our spring break is quickly coming to an end and there are way too many things left on my list! 
Somehow that always happens. 
All these pictures are from the week before Spring Break... when it was 70* and beautiful. 
This week it's done nothing but rain. Boo. 
But we have had some fun. Actual spring break pictures coming soon... 

Corey came home with these for me the other day. So happy sitting up in my kitchen window. (and they always make me think of you, Meagan!) 

I switched them to a mason jar... but there was something sweet and charming about the pork and beans can. =)


lindalou said...

photos are so cute ....the little one(Gretchen?) i love her piggy tails she is really growing :) blessings

Dawn Gross said...

Daffodils in a bean can - too cute! As are your kiddos!

Toni :O) said...

Pigtails on Gretchie=ADORABLE!!!! LOVE the flowers...gorgeous in a can or jar! We've had gorgeous weather here in Michigan...sorry about all the rain...yuck!

Danielle said...

That Corey is just a class act. And that Gretchen is way too cute in her pig tails!

Joke said...

The flowers in the pork and bean cans are awesome. Only men ... :)