Monday, December 26, 2011

through the years.





Do you notice anything similar about these pictures?
The gray cardigan.
Every year the pajama pants and t-shirt changes... but the gray cardigan stays the same.
Wonder what that says about me...


flower power momma said...

This is something I would do! However, you are a woman of practicality, modesty, and one who is WARM. enjoy the rest of your break.

Holly said...

I love it!

Danielle said...

So fun!!! Your family makes me smile :)

Corey said...

I'm pretty sure I get better looking every year.

Jodi@ said...

beautiful family!!! :o)

I think it says, when you find something you love, you stick with it. No faults in that!! ;o)

Butterball said...

I think the gray cardigan several years in a row means 1. You take good care of said cardigan, and 2. You can still WEAR said cardigan several years in a row (ie you haven't gained any weight in as many years, which is more than I can say for myself!)

Beckysblog said...

Thats so fun to look at the changes!

And I love the cardigan. When you've got a good thing ... you keep it going!


Amy said...

Oh Vinnie... (Butterball)
I only wish that were true.
Cardigans are very stretchy. :)