Saturday, December 31, 2011


We started our Jones Family Christmas by going out to eat at Sumo Japanese Grill. We were also celebrating Grandma Jones' birthday. 50 minutes is a long time for 3 kids to wait, but they all did amazingly well. (Really... what is the point of call ahead seating??) Hearing someone whisper to their date that Gretchen was "the cutest thing she's ever seen" will always make this momma smile. =) 

It was definitely worth the wait, though. Everything was fabulous! (Although I can't speak for the shrimp  personally... I heard they were amazing, too.)

Lawson thought the fire was cool, but he looked pretty nervous about the whole thing. The chef kept checking in with him and asking him if he was okay. =) The last time we took him to a restaurant like this, he was only 3. His face was pretty much the same then, too.

It was kind of like Olive Garden for me. I could have eaten just the salad and fried rice and been perfectly content. So yummy!

Corey's favorite line from the whole evening... "Japanese chicken. Meow." 

Gretchen watched the chef a little bit, but she spent most of her time down here in the corner, just walking around and playing. She drew and colored and looked at books. Such a sweet little thing.

Then a man from a nearby table brought the kids all a piece of his birthday cake. She wanted up in her highchair then. =)

I can never seem to get pictures of the shrimp tossing/catching...

Sophie and Lawson both loved the chopsticks...

So much fun and such good food!
Then it was back to Aunt Heather and Uncle Brian's to open presents...


Amanda said...

oh man, you made me so hungry - this is one of our favorite places!!

Courtney said...

we love japanese steakhouses! and i LOVE the salad! pat always gives me his...i eat 2!