Thursday, December 22, 2011

for jessi.

This was such a fun gift to give... 

We {heart} Jessi

All the daycare parents knew about it, but I got to be the lucky one who delivered it.
She hugged me. And then got teary. And then hugged me again.
I'm pretty sure she loved it.
And I loved making it for her.
Because we do love her. A lot.
And we love the way she loves our kids.

Merry Christmas, Jessi! 

Thanks for sharing your idea, Meagan! 
She took my Grandma and Grandpa idea and used it for her daycare provider. 
That's why I love crafting with friends! Sharing ideas is the best! 


rentz said...

It turned out great! Maybe someday I'll be as creative as you. A girl can dream...

Frau said...

This turned out so cute! I teared up and I don't even know Jessi! How blessed we are to have awesome people loving on our kiddos when we aren't there! They are fun to make...wish I had more people to make them for!

Danielle said...

It's so perfect! I love it that you included all the other daycare families! What a creative and clever and loving idea. You rock!