Saturday, October 8, 2011


Daddy's gone and it's been raining like crazy all afternoon and evening. We've been hanging out here for quite a few hours...  (They haven't been watching tv the whole time. Right now they are building a fort, pretending that they are married and that Gretchen is a robber trying to break into their house.) 

And that popcorn, the apples and cheese may or may not be our supper.
(fyi... the Mike's Hard Lemonade is just for me.)


Rebecca said...

Looks like the perfect way to spend a rainy day. Our kids have popcorn, apples w/peanut butter and cheese every Sunday night while watching a movie!! It's the perfect meal in my book!

kristin said...

that looks dreamy (!!!!) to me.

unrelated question: does your school (K-1?) use specific actions when learning letter sounds?

i know some do, some don't, some are different than others, blah, blah, blah.

i'm trying to decide on which actions to use at preschool.

: )

Amy said...

Hey Kristin!

We follow the Animated Literacy curriculum K-2. Each letter has a character and action that goes with the sound. There are also chunks/blends/long vowels so there ends up being 46 characters in all.

All K classes in the district should be teaching it. Any prior knowledge they have would be great! I could easily tell you the actions and the meanings behind them sometime if you'd like! :)

kristin said...

well, we have the animated literacy stuff..somehow i was getting information that some schools were moving beyond it...

we'll keep going with polly panda and uncle upton!

: )


i just want to add in what i can to make the transition to public school a little easier for everyone.