Saturday, October 22, 2011

resort fun.

The last of our Branson posts... (then we start on all the birthdays!) 

We were so happy with our resort. I would definitely recommend Stillwaters Resort to someone and we would definitely stay there again. (Our Groupon was an incredible deal!) 

The kids wanted to swim so badly! The weather was perfect fall "outside at Silver Dollar City" weather, but it was just a little chilly for swimming. (The kids didn't think so, though!) We let them splash around here one day and they had a ball!

Doesn't it look like we're at the beach?!

They had these comfy beds along the outskirts. I could have stayed there all day.

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Melissa said...

My sisters and I are hoping to all go there next summer. A friend of mine went there this summer and told me all about it. So we started looking at it and thought the cousins would all have so much fun here. Glad to hear it recommended again!