Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Probably one of our favorite parts of the resort was this... the free paddleboats and kayaks! The kids loved the paddleboats!  (Stillwaters Resort, for those that have asked!)  =) 

Don't worry... one of the resort guys brought us a smaller one before she went close to the water!

Guess who had to pee while we were out on the water. Our condo was close, but those trees were closer...

Lawson made it about 3 feet in the kayak before his hysterics caused Corey to turn around.

Sophie was our brave one that loved the kayak!

Then the kids and Corey stayed down here to fish and explore while I made lunch. I could just holler from our balcony when it was ready!

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TheUnSoccerMom said...

Okay... I'm LOVING your new Fall 2011 Banner for your home page!!!

We used to have a place near here called Crystal Lake and I loved riding in the paddle boats there! So much fun!