Saturday, September 12, 2009


I took the morning off so I could take Lawson to his first day of
pre-school. We took Sophie to school, then headed to breakfast at our favorite donut shop!

So excited!!

Lawson wanted to take my picture in front of our sign, too.
(He loves to take pictures with my camera!)

Running up the "bridge..."

This year was such a different experience from last year.
He did really well last year, but was a little clingy. So much more confident this year. (Familiar place... familiar faces... some of his best friends are in his class!)

Like Jaymie... they are buddies from daycare. Jaymie's grandma is going to take them both to pre-school in the mornings and Jaymie's mom will pick them up on her lunch break and take them back to Jessi's. We are so lucky to have such great people to help with transportation!

After a big hug for me (that I had to ask for) and a quick kiss for the baby... he was off and running! "Bye momma!"

He is going to have so much fun this year!

He's going three days a week this year, then next year... Kindergarten!!
How is that possible??

My little man isn't so little anymore.


amy d said...

huh, for some reason in those photos he does look REALLY grown up...too fast. :)
jaymie is a cutie!

Christina said...

It seems like it happens all of a sudden, doesn't it?
He has such a sweet face!