Sunday, September 27, 2009


So much fun during our time spent with cousins.
The next day, Sophie said, "I wish our cousins could come play everyday!"
They had so much fun.
Darn that 14 hour drive.

First time we had met... she wasn't too sure about me.
But she did like my necklace!

My neighbor commented that our backyard looked like a daycare! :)
(Marley had gone to stay in her yard for awhile. I thought 7 kids and 6 adults might be a little too much excitement for one dog!)

Mary requested a picture with Marley before they left!

Thanks for coming to visit!
Hopefully we'll see you again soon!


Allen and Debby Graber said...

Where do they live? I remember when Adam and Jill lived 14 hours away in Green Bay. So glad they are here now!

kristin said...

We can't wait to meet the newest cousin :) Thanks for all the great pictures!

Christina said...

Cousins are the best!