Sunday, September 13, 2009

37 days.

37 days left.
That doesn't seem like very many.
So, so ready to meet this little miss... but so, so much stuff left to do at school and at home.
My doctor's PA casually mentioned on Thursday that I am measuring big. About 2 weeks ahead. What?!
She said it probably doesn't mean anything... they don't worry about it unless I'm measuring more than 2 weeks ahead.
But it was enough to get me a little freaked out.
At this rate, I'm not going to be ready 2 weeks early!
Really feeling motivated to get some things done and ready for a sub at school.

I feel great about my sub (which is very lucky, considering the one I have had lined up since March called and cancelled on me a couple weeks ago! Plus, I had "given" my second choice to the teacher next door to me a week before! Ugh.) But it all worked out, and I'm convinced God had it planned this way all along. (He just felt the need to throw me a little stress for a few days apparently!)

People at school started telling me on Friday that I look really pregnant all of a sudden. Funny... because I've felt really pregnant for awhile now.

Hoping to get lots of "baby related" stuff done this week and next... just in case this little miss doesn't want to follow her momma's plans.
Imagine that.


Utecht Family said...

You're looking so great Amy! A very cute picture!

Melissa said...

I went through that panic stage with Katelyn. I guess I was so busy with the two kids I already had, I didn't have the time to "plan" for this one like I had the others. I went through some serious panic attacks- hang in there, it will all get done (either before she arrives or after:)

Christina said...

Do they ever want to follow your plans?!
You're beautiful! And even if your not ready in all the ways you plan to'll be so ready when she makes her grand entrance!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I think you look *great*! Really great. So much better than I've ever looked pregnant.