Monday, March 30, 2009

party pics.

We celebrated Lawson's birthday with family last Sunday. I'm just slow to get around to posting about it. :)

Making his ice cream "dirt cake"... complete with gummy worms.

Lighting was bad... but picture was still cute.

Opening presents...

Sophie's present... she picked it out just for him, and paid with her own money (from her fuzzy pink wallet!)

I think he liked it. :)

Almost every present got shouts of "Wow! Just what I wanted! I love it!" (He's a very enthusiastic little guy... and he was especially energetic this day!)

Lots of shooting rockets, bubble guns, flying things, and toys for outdoor fun. Which didn't work out too great considering the yard was covered in snow. But the driveway was clear and Uncle Brian, Aunt Heather, Grandpa and Uncle Casey were great sports.

Noise putty from Uncle Casey...

He was pretty thrilled with his cow umbrella!

So ornery...

but so, so sweet!

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