Sunday, March 15, 2009


I had an email from a friend, saying that she hoped the "energy booster bunny" had visited our house. We skipped out on our small group Wednesday evening while the kids are at Awanas. I just couldn't do it. Conferences Tuesday from 4:00-8:00 and the same on Thursday evening. I was already wiped out and knew I couldn't do one more thing.

Although I'm feeling a bit more energetic today, I'm still waiting on that bunny to come. Yesterday (my first official day of Spring Break) I did absolutely nothing. All day. The only remotely productive thing that I did was take a shower. And that didn't happen until 5 pm. I kept assuring Corey that I will be productive... just not that day. But I did make a list.

I'm feeling okay, most of the time, just exhausted a lot of the time. My morning sickness comes in the evening and I don't actually get sick, I just feel really yucky. So I'm doing a lot of laying on the couch, doing nothing, while SuperDad handles things. Yesterday I was feeling good... until I started making supper... then the nausea hit me. So, once again, I retreated to the couch while SuperHubby took over supper for himself and the kids.

He cooks. He cleans. He does laundry.
He does bathtime, storytime, bedtime.
And while both kids are napping and he could have a break... what does he do?
Watches part of "Grey's Anatomy" with me on the DVR (which he doesn't like) and then heads outside to insulate the garage.

He's the best.
Such a lucky girl.


Anonymous said...

Give that superdaddy a hug! I hope the bunny visits you soon :)

Aaron and Shannon said...

I feel ya! Your energy will come back! But...since you have such a great hubby, enjoy the relaxation while you can! Enjoy your week! I'm so happy for you!!

Frau said...

Aim, you are absolutely being productive. Don't forget about all of the work your body is doing to take care of your precious little miracle...Dallas and my wonderful Dr. had to tell me that over and over until I finally let it go. You can only do so much...a hard lesson for me to swallow...Thank God for wonderful husbands willing to pick up the slack!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

Frau is right! You are being so productive as God is knitting together in your body that special person, fearfully and wonderfully so. Ps. 139. What an adoring and loving husband you have! At Awana last week, I told both your kids we are so happy for them and they just were proud as punch that they are becoming a Big brother and Big sister.