Saturday, March 21, 2009


I took Lawson into the dentist at 8:00 Friday morning.
(Can you tell by his eyes that we haven't been getting up this early for any of Spring Break?!)

He said it looks like he impacted that tooth (jammed it up into his gum) when he fell. Not enough to damage the permanent tooth behind it, but enough that it will probably damage this tooth. It should tighten up on it's own and not be wiggly anymore, but it will probably start to discolor in a couple weeks and may eventually turn gray, or a beautiful "pond water brown."


But it could be worse.
And honestly, I'm surprised this little man hasn't done something like this before now.
I'm still a little bit amazed we haven't visited the ER with him yet.

He has a routine cleaning scheduled for June, so they'll check it out then.
He did say that if it gets too ugly (or it is bothering Mommy too much!) they could just go ahead and pull it. Then he would just have an empty spot for however long it takes for his permanent tooth to grow in. (I'm thinking that may be cuter than a gray-brown front tooth.)


Courtney said...

wow. joshua knocked his 2 front teeth out almost 2 years ago! his top ones STILL haven't grown in...they will anytime now! it's going to be weird to see him with those teeth again!

Doug and Sarah said...

OUCH! I'm amazed that the boy at my house hasn't needed a trip to the ER or emergency dental work. He's just so rought and tumble! I vote fot he cute boy with amissing tooth over the cute boy with a discolored tooth! :)

amy said...

Elly broke her front tooth 3x in 3 months! Finally our dentist was's not bothering her so let's check it in 6 months! Kevin says it gives her character! ;) Kids! LOL!