Saturday, June 23, 2007


I have an amazing husband. Sensing I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Corey told me this morning that I needed to get away today. Go somewhere and do something fun. No argument from me! He went with a friend this morning to help load and unload a playhouse. Came home and washed all the dishes in the kitchen sink. Then spent several hours outside in 85* weather, standing on scaffolding, wearing a face mask and scraping paint. After all that, still got cleaned up around 5:30 and sent me off to have some alone time! What a guy.

So I happily...
* stopped at Sonic on my way out of town for a cranberry limeade and cheddar peppers with ranch dressing. yum!
* drove to Wichita and listened to my music.
* Eddie Bauer outlet: bought 4 things, all on sale, 20% off coupon, gift card... spent $15. (after the gift card)
* Old Navy outlet: $3 pink flip flops for Sophie. Nothing for me. Way too much size 2 stuff in that store. I'll stick with EB.
* Bed Bath & Beyond: I could roam in there for hours.
* Panera Bread: my favorite kind of bagel, lots of cream cheese and a yummy lemonade... to go.
* walked to a nearby fountain, found a quiet bench to eat and read.
* sat in the cooling sunshine, listening to the fountain and read 100+ pages of my new book!
* left the fountain as the sun was setting. such a pretty evening.
* Super Target: cute flower pony tail holder for me, a couple fun things for the kids. (Needed more time to roam, but they only stay open until 10 pm! I figured it would be at least 11:00.)
* Home again... feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to be a better wife and mommy. Every wife needs a husband like this! What more could a girl want?

While I was out enjoying my alone time, this amazing daddy took his kids to Pizza Hut, the park, gave them baths and put them to bed. I'm a lucky girl.

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