Saturday, June 23, 2007

i shouldn't read books.

I love to read, but it turns me into a bad mommy. I had a new book, one that I've been waiting to read. Waiting until summer so that I would have the time (and not stay up really late and then be very grouchy with little 1st graders the next day.) I started it Thursday during naptime. About 1:30. I finished it Thursday. About 10:30. This is a 337 page book. Corey thinks I'm crazy. I end up trying to find things for the kids to do by themselves, where I can just sit and supervise/read. Then I get grouchy when they want me to play with them. Bad mommy. I have another one ready to start and I'm telling myself that I will spread this one over a few days. Naptime. Bedtime. I can read and still be a good mommy. Surely it's possible.

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