Friday, April 29, 2016

april random.

{My little Academic Achievement Award winners)


{Saturday morning fun}

{I do not understand how toothpaste is that difficult. Counter, cabinet, faucet, wall, light switch... it's everywhere! It's like a toothpaste murder took place!}

{Girls night. So blessed by these girls and our years of friendship.}

{And now my life feels a little less chaotic. Organize pantry... check.}

{Corey's planning on taking the big kids turkey hunting soon. Not sure what kind of strange turkeys he thinks we have running around out here! #drawingbycorey}

{When the school cooks understand your deep love for queso... sometimes you find sweet leftover surprises like this in the fridge.}

{After school cat nap with this one. #Simone}

{Sudden, surprise hailstorm}

{That was an exciting 5 minutes... #kansasstorm #notornadosirensinthecountry}

{First family meal at home together in a long time! We decided it needed documented!}

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