Monday, September 1, 2014

summer random.

We Corey attempted a garden. We had high hopes, but it didn't turn out awesome. Maybe next year.

Rescuing frogs from the window well...

Lawson's first trip to camp...

A little bit scary, but things are always better with your best friend.

They had a great time and were already talking about next year the day I picked them up.

We're down to 1.5 trees now after a huge windstorm rolled through. 

Sophie was thrilled to have this girl spend the night. For 2 nights!

Lots of loving on Simone... the tamest cat in the world. (Who really, really wants to be a house cat. We'll see...)

These two need some work at learning to get along. Oddly enough it's the small one that's the most aggressive. 

Made some trips to the pasture to visit. He's living with the big cows now, but still our tame little Abe.

Her drawings are my favorite...

Lots of baseball games...

Ezra got to come to a couple games with us the day I picked them up from camp. He and Gretchen made me smile.

These kids are capable of so much more than we have them do. We really need to step it up with the chores and responsibilities around here. 

And all too quickly... summer was over.
This was supposed to be my relaxing summer. I didn't realize that I was going to start a new business and be crazy busy with that. Dang. It was a good problem to have, but still.
Surely a relaxing summer will happen at some point, right? =)


Anonymous said...

Explain about the new biz...and are still going to teach right??

Ben said...

Yes, more details about the business please. :)

Toni :O) said...

So many great photos! I love the sign, especially after a referee of an adult soccer team locally was punched in the head and died from his injuries from a player he had ejected. I know it wasn't a kid's game but it was a recreational sport for goodness sake!

Amy said...

No plans to quit teaching anytime soon. :) I'll post about the new business sometime soon, but you could check it out here: