Sunday, September 28, 2014

new business.

So the new business I started... actually started in April. But it really took off this summer. 
I mean REALLY took off. 
In July I did 9 parties in 16 days. And one of them was in Dallas. Each party averages about 4 hours, not including the time I spend at home. 
So, yeah... it was a bit busy. But a good busy. 

So... along with wife, mom to 3 kids, and 1st grade teacher, I've added Norwex Independent Sales Consultant to my list of job titles. It's been fun... definitely different than how I spend most of my days (surrounded by little people)... and it's easy to "sell" something that you believe in. 

"Improving quality of life by radically reducing 
chemicals in our home" 

About 90% of your house can be cleaned using these cloths. And water. For real. 
(Actually, you could just use two of them. But dusting is way more fun with the dusting mitt.) 

I sold a crate full of cleaners like this on a Buy/Sell/Trade site this summer. I just don't need them anymore.

Cleaning windows has never been faster or easier. Two cloths. No streaks. Even my kids can do it. (And they do!)

Everyone needs an Envirocloth. It's pretty amazing what this one little cloth can do.

Corey was pretty sure our glass top stove was never going to look the same after I let a pot boil over.

One hostess had spent hours trying to clean her stove burner... using all kinds of things. I had it clean in about 2 minutes. 

This hostess wanted me to get her brown grout back to it's original tan color. She was shocked to find out her grout was actually white!

Smore's a couple times this summer made our marshmallow roasters look not so pretty.

My wood floors are loving this mop. (Although I'm continually disgusted/embarrassed by how dirty my floors are!) Welcome to life in the country. With 3 kids. And a giant dog.

No harsh chemicals in any of these specialty cleaners! You and your kids can be around them worry free!

 3 different kinds of detergent. Which one would you rather use? 

I only used the Fruit & Veggie cloth on two of the apples. Can you tell which ones? 

The Fed Ex guys and I got to be good friends this summer... 

And our big kitchen island is proving to be useful for more than just cooking and eating.

I've slowed way down since school started. I said I was going to limit myself to only 3 or 4 parties each month. (So far I've done 4-5 parties each month and have been booking parties 2 months in advance.) So things have slowed down, but it's still been busy. I've had a handful of people join my team now, too, which has been fun, too.

You can check it out here: www.AmyJones.Norwex.Biz or you can email me or comment with any questions.

If making cleaning faster, easier, more fun and making it so you don't have to clean as often sounds good to you... we should talk! =)

{And... for those of you that were worried... no plans to quit teaching anytime soon.} =)


The Sieberts said...

love my enviro clothes!

Holly said...

uh...I need some of this stuff!!!

Nicholas Taylor said...

Of all of the methods you've mentioned, I'm really impressed with how well it works as a descaler. I usually use vinegar or lemon juice in order to remove tough limescale, but it still doesn't have that satisfying polish to it. I know that limescale is comprised of calcium carbonate so I'm guessing the products used are a weak acid?

Nicholas Taylor @ Vancouver Business Brokers

Amy said...

The Descaler has some natural acids in it. :)