Saturday, March 29, 2014


Happy birthday to my favorite red-headed, basketball loving, technology crazy, farm loving, 9 year old! 

You're a good little farm boy. It just suits you out here. I love to see you out taking care of Abe.

This wasn't your most awesome birthday. Having consequences on your birthday isn't any fun. Giving out consequences on someone's birthday isn't any fun, either.

But having a good attitude and showing respect is important... even when it's your birthday.

You're a good kid... a smart kid... an ornery kid... and a funny kid. There are some character traits your daddy and I are working hard to instill in you... knowing that we've only got about 9 more years of you living in our house. I have no doubt you'll get them, though. We love you too much to not help you become the man God wants you to become.

Occasional bad attitude or not... you're still my favorite little man.
Always have and always will be.

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Toni :O) said...

So many cute photos of your little guy who is certainly growing fast. Happy 9th Birthday Lawson! :O)