Friday, February 7, 2014

snow days.

3 snow days this week. And a 2 hour late start today. It was lovely. 
I only left the house once between Monday evening and Friday morning. And I was fine with that. 
I was perfectly content to stay holed up in our cozy, warm house. 
Snow is really pretty when you're inside. =) 

We felt bad for the cows. Abe and his little calf buddy spent the night inside the barn together.

Heading out to shovel the drive... (I guess I left the house twice...)

This dog LOVES the snow...

It was still coming down strong the whole time I was shoveling. By the time I was done with one half of the drive, it was already covered again.

Despite Corey's efforts with the tractor, we still got the van stuck in our driveway when we ventured out on Wednesday evening.

Snow ice cream...

(We left the house Wednesday evening to keep our haircut appointments. Lawson was just a *bit* shaggy.)

Corey spent a lot of hours like this... (He worked a couple 24 hour shifts, moving snow.)

Making another batch of hot chocolate mix...

So thankful for these extra days at home.

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